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  • Healing the Stepfamily from the inside out.



    Navigating stepfamily life can be difficult for everybody involved – the stepparents, the stepchildren, and the biological parents. We attempt to answer some commonly asked questions about everybody’s role in a stepfamily.

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    The StepFamily Center is dedicated to strengthening couples so they can successfully meet the challenges of the stepfamily experience!

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    There are more than 1,000 new stepfamilies
    forming every day in the United States.

     Let us help you make yours successful.



    Sometimes just hearing what someone else has to say helps so much! I encourage you to write down your own experiences and send them to us. It’s wonderful and healing when you come to realize that whatever you are going through, someone else is going through the same thing. It is my hope to make this site informative and helpful in your journey.

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About Us

Susan Davis Swanson, PhD, LCSW, Executive Director

As a stepmother since the mid-1970s, I’d struggled with the lack of both services for stepfamilies and therapists who truly understood stepfamily life. With so many years working through my own stepfamily issues, I understand firsthand the challenges and struggles that are often missed in counseling, and dedicated myself to being a resource for stepcouples and stepfamilies in Southern California. That is why I founded The StepFamily Center in 2004 in Beverly Hills and work to make information available to stepfamilies through regular articles, a monthly newsletter, a weekly radio show and counseling services. My goal is to give stepfamilies hope that they can make it work and the tools they need to do so.

Rex Swanson, PhD, Managing Director

I had no idea of the complexities of stepfamily life until I lived them firsthand. Being part of a stepfamily offered challenges that I could not have been prepared for, but learning about stepfamily dynamics helped my new marriage survive what I discovered is normal stepfamily turbulence. Coming from the field of city government and land development, I became engaged to the mission of helping other stepfamilies and am offering my services to The Stepfamily Center as the managing director so that we can help other stepcouples succeed.

Leslie Bloom, JD, Communications Director

Having been part of a stepfamily for my entire life, I more than understand the dynamics that can come into play. While navigating any family is difficult, stepfamily life creates additional stressors that are impossible to manage without the right communication skills and knowledge. I hope to help make available to stepfamilies resources that they can use to create a stronger and more successful stepfamily.